The Dodge Charger Delivers Safety

As far as performance sedans go, the Dodge Charger stands on the top of the hill. Dodge produced a fantastic vehicle known for incredible performance features and style. Consumers may wonder about how safe it is to drive a Charger. Here's the good news: Dodge put tons of work into developing safety features.

Advanced Brake Assist works in conjunction with the collision warning and active braking system. In a "without warning" situation, the driver isn't always able to put pressure on the brakes. If the collision warning goes off, the brake assist feature comes into play to pick up the slack.

All-Speed Traction Control further supports safe handling. Poor traction on the road undermines safety. Once traction weakens, the assist feature comes into play to reduce engine power and engage the brakes. The assist lasts until normal traction returns.

Do you want to feel confident about driving safely in Goshen, NY? Head to our showroom at R. I. Suresky & Son to test drive the Dodge Charger and experience its features.

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