The Jeep Compass Has Smart Features That Boost Safety

The Jeep Compass has multiple features that give a driver a higher level of safety. This automobile has a windshield that melts ice and wipers that deflect raindrops, and its mirrors have hardware for frost.

When ice lands on the Jeep Compass's windshield, a heating mechanism can remove the ice and slush. The hardware is called a De-Icer, and it's mounted along the bottom of the windshield. There is another feature on the Compass's windshield that activates during a rainstorm. Thanks to its rain-sensing hardware, both wipers automatically repel rain whenever sensors detect moisture on the Compass's glass.

R. I. Suresky & Son has a dedicated staff that can break down different Jeep Compass features. Our team serves people in Goshen, NY and proudly offers test drives. A test drive is worth considering as it's a smart way to check out the Jeep Compass's Terrain Traction Management System. This system has a setting for mud, rock, sand, and snow.

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